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I could start with the same old ‘cliche’ that what motivated me to get into studying Ancient History at University, would all stem from the one and only ‘Indiana Jones’. All boys around the age of 5-12 growing up in my era longed for an adventure and Mr Jones, gave us all that. I would love to say I was the only one running around in my underpants pretending to fight off the German soldiers as I look for the religious and infamous Ark. Like others I was not the first and certainly was not the last, But it did plant a seed in my longing to seek a greater understanding of where I came from. It burns inside of me, a desire that for many years I have tried to swallow and ignore but it surfaces like the plague. It’s an answer we all desire to know, why are we here? What for? Surely not just for a 9-5 job? You could say that i’m trying to avoid living your ‘normal’ life, but is it normal? Are we honestly here to waste time on a ‘routine’. For the last 1500 years I feel we have all gone mad. All lost the original concept of what life is, why we are here. We have forgotten what its like to live consciously at one with the world. I seem to have a very dark view on the world today, am I wrong? Should I stop dreaming of living in an era once again like our great ancestors. So knowledgeable, so courageous, so wise. Not like today with your Social media and Television frying every brain cell that people have left. If the alcohol, smoking and chemicals haven’t got them first.


This is a trial for me to start blogging please comment if you would be interested in hearing more.




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